The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ and Millennial views.
Very sincere Bible-believing Christians have come to significantly different conclusions about the millennium, the thousand-year reign of Christ outlined in Revelation chapter 20.
Below are links to David P Murray’s 4 concise videos giving a snapshot of the different views held by Christians regarding the millennium and the Return of the Lord Jesus – each video is just a few minutes long.
We would be wise to avoid bitter division over these keenly held views and recognise truths which unite such Bible believing Christians who align themselves with one of the 4 views mentioned – or a variation of them.
Here are some unifying truths that should be kept to the fore:
1. Christ’s virgin birth, sinless life, substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, glorious ascension to heaven and His present reign over His kingdom.
2. Christ will gloriously return from heaven bringing to an end the present order of things.
3. Christ will resurrect & judge all mankind.
4. Christ will separate the saved from the lost.
5. The lost / unbelieving / unrepentant will be cast from God’s gracious presence into an eternal hell.
6. The saved will be with the Lord forever in the eternal kingdom, the new heavens and earth.
7. No one but God knows the date of Christ’s Return and we are warned to be ready now for that Day.
These truths ought to spur the church on in its calling to proclaim the gospel of Jesus.
David P Murray’s short videos:
Amillennial (or Nowmillennial) Timeline

Postmillennial Timeline

Premillennial Timeline

Dispensational Premillennial Timeline


The short article on the Ligonier website linked below urges us to hold our millennial views with humility.