Worksheet for Service on 17th May

Questions on Sammy and his Shepherd – You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows


S Hunt: ‘The Holy Spirit teaches and guides us. He comforts us. He reminds us of God’s love. And He gives us grace so that irritations and problems don’t drive us nuts!’


  • What did the shepherd do to protect the sheep from flies?
  • What did Precious finally realize about her shepherd’s love?
  • What does God pour into our hearts?
  • Can we be good enough to earn God’s love?
  • How long will our Shepherd love us?

SermonOverflowing Joy – Psalm 23 v 5

What Bible passages were read today?

Psalm  __  and John  __________

When someone asks – ‘How are you?’

What affects the way you answer?

Did King David always experience the joy of the Lord?

What does anointing with oil speak of?

Psalm 51 tells us how David’s joy was restored.

  1. R_______________.  – turning to G___ from s___.

What sins did David need to repent of?

What can rob us of our joy?

  1. R______________. – being brought into a r_ _ _ _ relationship with God.

Who is all our sin against?

Who must restore us, if it is to happen?

Who cried ‘I thirst’ so that we could have our spiritual thirst quenched?

  1. R__________.

We need God the H______  S_____  to make this happen.

We ought to call God to remember his c_ _ _ _ _ _ _.

In Pilgrim’s Progress – why does the fire not go out, even though someone is putting water upon it?

  1. R_____________.

What was David promising to do if God restored and renewed him?