Worksheet for Service on 10th May

Questions on Sammy and his Shepherd – You prepare a table …

  • Why was Sammy patient with Precious?

  • Why did he love to answer her questions?

  • What is a tableland?

  • What does a good shepherd do to prepare the tableland?

  • What place has Jesus prepared for us?

Sermon – At the Lord’s Table

– Psalm 23 v 5

What Bible passages were read today?

2 Samuel chapter __  and Mark  __________

  1. A r_______ table.

 Who does the table belong to?

How can we be welcome / have a place at this table?

  1. A p_________ table.

Jesus did not come to be s________ but to s______.

He is the S_______ King.

  1. A c________t  table.

King David remembered his covenant with J_ _ _ _ _ _ n.

What did God seal the new covenant with?

  1. A c_______l table.

The Lord saves us and brings us into the f_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ p of his people.

  1. A v_________ table.

It points to triumph over all our e__________.

While we were e________ of God, Christ d_____ for us.

  1. An e___________g table.

When do Christians enjoy the fullness of God’s table?

  1. A t________________g table.

God transforms Christians into the likeness of whom?

What does Mephibosheth say which reflects how we should think of Jesus? – 2 Samuel 19 v30.