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The Meeting House, known locally as Cloveneden, is situated just over a mile (on the C180 ) from Loughgall village on a beautiful raised setting in the apple orchards of County Armagh.

The church bears two commemorative date-stones. The first simply shows the date 1704. The second reads: ‘This house was rebuilt by the parishioners of Loughgall. A.D 1791. Reverend Moses Hog.’ In A History of Presbyterian Congregations it states that the Presbyterian community of Loughgall was part of Vinecash (or Vinny-Cash) until 1711, when they formed a new congregation.

However, the year 1704, recorded on the church date-stone may be the accurate date of the congregation’s foundation as the Rev Alexander Bruce, the minister of Vinecash since 1697, died in April 1704. After his death, it is likely that, Loughgall went its own way.

Loughgall united with the congregation of Tartaraghan in 1963 under the Rev RJ Reid.

Activities include morning and afternoon Sunday Schools; Christian Endeavour; PWA; Campaigners; Friday night Youth Club; Youth Fellowship; Mid week Bible Study and Prayer time; early morning prayer meeting and various others meetings for prayer. Holiday Bible Club and youth camps.

The spiritual ethos of the Congregation is that of Reformed Evangelical. The emphasis is on the preaching of the Gospel of God’s Grace in Jesus Christ. Minister and Elders are united in their view of the dynamic of God’s Word and His Holy Spirit as the vital instrument in the conversion of sinners.

The Congregation has a healthy missionary zeal. There is regular contribution to missionary work through a special monthly offering.

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“300 Years in God’s Orchard.” by Rev Dr Joseph Thompson.