Real Lives – Answers to Life’s Big Questions
Loughgall Presbyterian Church Hall; 20 – 27 January 2019

Sunday 20th 12noon  Does God want me when I mess up?   

Sunday 20th 6.30pm – Can I change? Can I have a new beginning?

Sunday schools choir.

Real Lives – Roy and Pamela Browne from Stauros tell

their story of how God freed them from addiction.

Monday 21st  7.30pm – Big bang or Master plan?

Campaigners taking part.

Exploring: Where have we come from? Creation or Evolution?

Real Lives – informal interview with 3 Profs (pre-recorded)

Tuesday 22nd  7.30pm – Is the Bible reliable & relevant?

Campaigners taking part.

Real Lives: Falemaka from the Island of Fiji shares his life story.

Wednesday 23rd  7.30pm – Why does God allow suffering?

Real Lives – Victor Buchannan shares how a bomb changed his life

and in the midst of suffering he came to know the Lord Jesus.

Thursday 24th 7.30pm – Anyone for heaven?

Real Lives – Lorna Jones from Agora ministries tells her story.

Friday 25th 7.30pm – Is there any good news in a bad news world?

CE participating with wordless book.

Real Lives – Tony Kennedy an Electrician from Sligo & former

Irish kick boxing champion.

Sunday 27th 12noon – Facing the future  is there any hope?

Sunday 27th 6.30pm –What is the greatest choice you’ll ever make?

Andrew Cornett singing.

Real Lives: Paul Somerville from SASRA shares how he made the greatest choice in his life.